Asia Tasty Asian Delicatessen is both a stationary and online Asian store and a restaurant. We have the richest offer of Asian products, most of which we import from Asia, ranging from seafood, through rice, rice noodles, fish and soy sauces, to all kinds of spices and their mixtures. On site, you can also try delicious oriental dishes. All in one place, so that the residents of Warsaw can enjoy original flavors straight from Asia at affordable prices.

If you have never had contact or the opportunity to get to know the culture of the Far East, oriental cuisine will take you to the farthest lands of Asia, enchanting your taste buds, which, once touched by the magic of spices, will make nothing taste the same as it used to be. We have been creating the richness of the assortment that makes up the entire mosaic of Asia for years, starting from the kitchen facilities, creating various compositions of popular Asian dishes, the ingredients of which were carefully selected. Each kitchen has its own unusual, unique feature, depending on the spices with which we will associate a given country. Hence, our offer includes products of Asian cuisine of individual countries, such as:

Chinese cuisine is so rich that it differs depending on the province it comes from. We currently distinguish 7 types of varieties of Chinese cuisine, the most popular of which is Beijing cuisine, which is characterized by steamed wheat rolls and fried and roasted meat dishes in various combinations. Cantonese cuisine, due to the close access to the ocean, is dominated by dishes rich in fish and seafood products, as well as vegetable and meat additives cut into small pieces and fried on a wok. Shanghai cuisine is also the dominant role of fish and seafood, but the unique feature is the addition of brown rice to meat dishes, giving a combination of sweet and salty dishes with a clear contrast. Szechuan cuisine is based on rabbit dishes, which account for as much as 3/4 of the national consumption. Chinese spices, such as the unique Sichuan pepper, and strong additions of paprika make it one of the most spicy types of Chinese cuisine, the tradition of which has been included in the UNESCO heritage list with a location in Chengdu.

Thai cuisine has been shaped by Chinese and Indian culinary influences for centuries. This fact shows the dominance of spicy Thai spicy dishes, many of the most popular Thai dishes of which are combined with Thai spices such as curry, lemongrass, coconut milk, fresh ginger and lime leaves. Thai dishes have become very popular in Poland, especially Tom Yum and Tom Kha soups, which are an ideal representative of the character traits of Thai dishes. What's the best thing about Thai cuisine? The fact that it combines so many flavors and aromas does not mean that it is complicated, on the contrary, it is very easy to learn which makes it so attractive among many oriental Asian cuisines. Contrary to opinion, Thai cuisine is not overly spicy, on the contrary, dishes where salty and sweetness prevail, which should please people with a delicate palate and stomach. Products for Thai cuisine enjoy unflagging popularity in Poland, finding an ever-growing circle of culinary culture lovers from Thailand.

Cuisine and food play a huge role in Thai culture where it is the central form of any social gathering, sometimes with oneself is a reason to celebrate and make contact with family and friends. It comes from the very nature of Thai people who are extremely sociable and friendly to everyone, and it also translates into how they eat together. Contrary to Western culture, Thai people do not receive individual dishes, each separately with separate portions, and all dishes are ordered where everyone can taste each dish, all dishes are shared, which means that it is definitely better to eat in a larger group, making the meal much more attractive, no Thais believe for no reason that eating alone brings bad luck.

Japanese Cuisine, the sushi products of which you can find in our regular offer, is recognized as the healthiest cuisine in the world, known for eating mostly raw or boiled, baked and steamed seafood and fish dipped in soy sauce. Food cooked directly on the dining table is extremely popular, where all ingredients are served raw and the eater himself cooks and takes the finished food out of the boiling water. It is not without reason that Japan has been in the forefront of countries with the longest life expectancy for many years, a healthy diet that minimizes eating processed food clearly shows its beneficial properties, you are what you eat takes on a new meaning.

Vietnamese cuisine is the most popularized cuisine in Poland, although many dishes were initially Polish, now original Vietnamese dishes are gaining more and more

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