Reference: 120123

Brand: Cock Brand

Cock Brand Dried Bael Fruit 200g

Bael fruit is the sweet, aromatic fruit that grows on the bael tree, native to India and Southeast Asia. The fruit is usually eaten fresh, dried or in juice form. Proponents suggest that consuming bael fruit can help treat certain medical conditions, including digestive disorders.

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Reference: 143121

Brand: Farm House

Farm House Breadcrumbs 200g

The breading can be used for coating shrimps, fish and various types of meat. The breaded dish can be fried in a pan or fryer. The crispy breadcrumbs make the prepared dishes look attractive. The breading is 10 mm thick. Packaging: 1 kg x 6 boxes / carton Country of origin: THAILAND Brand: FARMHOUSE

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Reference: 440411

Brand: Aroy- D

Aroy-D Coconut Milk 1L

Coconut milk, from the reputable company Aroy-D, has an exceptionally creamy, thick consistency, it is naturally snow-white and has a delicate coconut flavor. Coconut milk is a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine, where it can be used in curries, soups and sauces. It is also an increasingly popular substitute for cow's milk, used as an addition to coffee,...

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Reference: 103243

Brand: Takumi Koshihikari

Takumi Koshihikari White Sushi Rice 5kg

Ingredients: 100% medium grain rice This medium-grain rice is definitely different from the one we eat every day. When properly cooked, it is properly sticky, making it perfect for sushi. Recipe and application: see recipes Storage: The product should be stored in a dry and cool place

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Reference: 103791

Brand: Royal Dancer

ROYAL DANCER Thai white jasmine rice 4,54kg

ROYAL DANCER Thai white jasmine rice - Always a new harvest from this year, it is the highest quality, extremely aromatic long-grain rice, originally from Thailand. It owes its name to the characteristic smell that is released during cooking and resembles the scent of jasmine flower. Ingredients: 100% jasmine rice Recipes: see how to cook Storage: The...

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Lao Gan Ma Preserved Black Beans in Chilli Oil 280g


Black bean sauce paste in a 280ml jar from the world-famous Chinese manufacturer Laoganma. One of the most popular black bean and chilli pastes used in Chinese and Asian cuisine. Made from fermented black beans and chili peppers in soybean oil. Added to dishes prepared on a wok and in a hot pot.

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Ingredients: 40% soybean oil, 30% fermented beans (soybeans, water, salt), 25% chili, sugar, flavor enhancer: E621.

Additional information: The product contains soy - information for allergy sufferers.

Production: China

Nutritional values in 100g of the product:

Energy value: 2277kJ / 544kcal

Fat 45.6 g,

including saturated fatty acids 4.4 g,

Carbohydrates 19.9 g,

including sugars 1.2 g,

Protein 9.2 g,

Salt 2.9 g.

Net weight: 280g

Storage: Store in a dry, cool and dark place. Store in the refrigerator after opening.

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Reference: 332172

Brand: Guan ji

Chinese Soy sauce mushroom 600ml

Soy sauce with the addition of mushroom extract. It perfectly emphasizes the taste of soups and sauces as well as meat and vegetarian dishes, adding a salty, mushroom aftertaste. PGIS * certificate for goods imported from outside the EU, admitted to trading. * PGIS - State Border Sanitary Inspectorate

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Reference: 321271

Brand: Squid

Squid Brand Fish Sauce 700ml

Fish sauce based on anchovy extract (77%), made in the fermentation process. Used to make most sauces and Thai and Vietnamese dishes. The product is completely natural - it does not contain preservatives and artificial colors. We also recommend people with hypertension due to the low salt content. A great addition to Thai dishes. Perfectly enhances the...

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Reference: 321041

Brand: Nam Pla

OYSTER Brand Fish sauce 4,5L

Nam Pla is widely used in Thailand. Fish sauce is used by all of Southeast Asia, and each nationality insists that its version is the best. This sauce is made by sprinkling salt on anchovies (anchovies) or prawns and leaving them in earthen barrels for 1-3 months. The liquid that is produced in this way is the fish sauce. It has a very intense smell and a...

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Brand: Wendjoe

Wendjoe Sambal Oelek 200g

Sambal Oelek is a very spicy, thick paste based on chilies, lime juice and salt. It is most popular in Indonesia, where it is added to almost every dish. It works great as a seasoning for hot dishes, various types of meat, seafood, pasta and soups. It also blends in with all sauces, adding spiciness without affecting other flavors. Irreplaceable for...

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LKK Hoisin Sauce 397g

Hoisin sauce is made from soybeans and spices. Its sweet and spicy taste, distinct aroma and dark-brown color make this sauce an indispensable addition to many Far Eastern dishes, such as Peking duck. It emphasizes the taste and aroma of fried meat dishes, baked fish and seafood.

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Reference: 333622


Lee Kum Kee Satay Sauce 340g

Satay Sauce is a very popular chicken sauce-dip in Southeast Asia. It is based on a paste of peanuts with the addition of coconut cream, shrimp paste, sesame and spices. This is a great Indonesian style meat marinade! Net weight: 220 g Ingredients: soybean oil, nuts, white sugar, coconut powders, shallots, nut paste, salt, dried shrimp, sesame paste,...

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Hot red Topokki sauce (150g * 6 pcs)

How to use: Mix the sauce with the remaining ingredients, stewing it for a while for the best taste. It can also be heated in a separate vessel and added to cooked rice noodles. Eat the dish hot. Allergen Warning - The product contains wheat, soy and fish. PGIS * certificate for goods imported outside the EU admitted to trading * PGIS- State Border...

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Reference: 321171

Brand: Squid

Fish sauce SQUID Brand 725ml

The fish sauce of the renowned Thai company squid is one of the most elementary ingredients in Asian cuisine. Mainly used in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Fish sauce replaces salt in oriental cuisine and is used in the preparation of sauces, pickles, salads and soups.

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Reference: 331358

Brand: Kikkoman

Kikkoman Ponzu Sauce 1L

Ponzu sauce is extremely popular in Japan, where it is used in fish dishes such as sushi, sashimi, seafood, dumplings, soups and salads. Its use is universal, as it goes well with Chinese spring rolls, Italian Carpaccio, classic tartare, freshwater fish, vegetables and mushrooms. It is the perfect dip for dipping and seasoning.

Price 56.20 PLN

Reference: 345919

Brand: Sen Soy

Sen Soy Pho soup base 80gX15

Pho soup comes from Vietnam, where it is the most popular national dish. It is a type of broth with rice noodles and toppings. Traditionally, there are two types of Pho: with beef and with chicken. The traditional broth, cooked for many hours, can be successfully replaced with the aromatic base of the Pho Sen Soy soup. Free from monosodium glutamate and...

Price 72.22 PLN

Reference: 311199

Brand: Wendjoe

Wendjoe Sambal Oelek, Red Lid version 10kg

Chilli sauce. Variations differ in the number of peppers and the individual ingredients. The most popular in Poland is oelek - bright, rare and sharp. It can be the basis for creating other sambals or as an ingredient in the kitchen. Ingredients: chilli, salt, citric acid, preservative: E211 The product does not contain Sodium Glutamate Storage: The...

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Reference: 312538


LKK Chu Hou Paste 368g

Special blend of soybean and sesame paste with Chinese five spice and fermented soybean curd. A convenient cooking sauce for classic Chu Hou Braised Beef, also great for any meat and vegetable stew or as marinade. Vegan product.

Price 19.18 PLN
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Reference: 331399

Brand: Yamasa

Soy sauce YAMASA 18L

Description: Soy sauce is one of the most important spices in Asian cuisine. Coming from Japan, it provides the body with wholesome protein. It is produced in the fermentation process of a mixture of soybeans, wheat, water and salt. Ingredients: Water, salt, soybeans, Wheat, contains alcohol. The product does not contain Sodium Glutamate! Storage: The...

Price 246.20 PLN

Reference: 330129



Soy sauce is a fermented sauce made of soybeans, roasted rice or wheat grains, water, and salt. It is the main ingredient in most oriental dishes. It gives the dishes a rich taste and aroma, it serves, among others, as a marinade for meat, an addition to soups and salads. Storage: The product should be stored in a dry, cool place. Store tightly in a...

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Reference: 345042

Brand: Lobo

Tomka paste Lobo 400g

A paste used to prepare the famous Thai dish Tom Kha, i.e. an aromatic, mild soup with coconut milk, dominated by the aroma of galangal (Tom Kha means galangal soup). Perfect with chicken or seafood and mushrooms. Ingredients: salt, galangal, lemongrass, sugar, soybean oil, flavor enhancer: E621, Kaffir lime peel, shallots, coriander seed, chilli, citric...

Price 23.46 PLN
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