Reference: 120123

Brand: Cock Brand

Cock Brand Dried Bael Fruit 200g

Bael fruit is the sweet, aromatic fruit that grows on the bael tree, native to India and Southeast Asia. The fruit is usually eaten fresh, dried or in juice form. Proponents suggest that consuming bael fruit can help treat certain medical conditions, including digestive disorders.

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Reference: 103791

Brand: Royal Dancer

ROYAL DANCER Thai white jasmine rice 4,54kg

ROYAL DANCER Thai white jasmine rice - Always a new harvest from this year, it is the highest quality, extremely aromatic long-grain rice, originally from Thailand. It owes its name to the characteristic smell that is released during cooking and resembles the scent of jasmine flower. Ingredients: 100% jasmine rice Recipes: see how to cook Storage: The...

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Reference: 143121

Brand: Farm House

Farm House Breadcrumbs 200g

The breading can be used for coating shrimps, fish and various types of meat. The breaded dish can be fried in a pan or fryer. The crispy breadcrumbs make the prepared dishes look attractive. The breading is 10 mm thick. Packaging: 1 kg x 6 boxes / carton Country of origin: THAILAND Brand: FARMHOUSE

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Reference: 440411

Brand: Aroy- D

Aroy-D Coconut Milk 1L

Coconut milk, from the reputable company Aroy-D, has an exceptionally creamy, thick consistency, it is naturally snow-white and has a delicate coconut flavor. Coconut milk is a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine, where it can be used in curries, soups and sauces. It is also an increasingly popular substitute for cow's milk, used as an addition to coffee,...

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Reference: 103113

Brand: Akita Komachi

Akitakomachi Sushi rice 1kg

Japanese Akitakomachi sushi rice short grain is a round-grained, sticky Japanese rice of the Akitakomachi variety, selected in 1982 at the Akita Prefecture Agricultural Experimental Center. Around 2000, it became very popular all over Japan. Its unique advantages - moderate stickiness, elasticity and well-maintained humidity made this variety of rice the...

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Rice paper with Black sesame - Banh da me den Gia Bao 300g


Origin: Vietnam

Packing Package Weight 400g

Instructions for use: Bake or fry before eating

Shelf life: 12 months 

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Product information

Black sesame rice paper is made from rice flour, flour, coconut and black sesame without preservatives, creating delicious and safe cakes for users. The product is produced according to the traditional recipe, covered with delicious black sesame, combined with attractive and rich fatty coconut, suitable for gatherings and dining with friends and family.

Product Features:

Black sesame rice paper has natural ingredients, does not contain preservatives, ensures food hygiene and safety.

The cake is covered with fragrant black sesame and typical fatty coconut.

Provides significant starch and protein content, an abundant source of energy for the body to function.

Compact packaging, beautiful packaging..

Baked when eating delicious, attractive.

Black sesame rice cake produced according to the traditional recipe.


Black sesame rice cakes can be baked to eat or eaten with dipping sauces such as soy sauce, ginger fish sauce or used with salads.

Black sesame rice paper has a delicious, attractive, rich taste, suitable for everyone.

The product is carefully packed, convenient for you to bring to travel or picnic with friends and relatives.

Ingredients: Rice flour 42%, black sesame 18%, tapioca starch 14%, coconut, spices and water 26%.

Directions for use: Bake or fry before eating.

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. 

Product Details
Gia Bao PEI
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Excellent quality, naturally creamy and thick coconut cream by SAVOY. Coconut cream and coconut milk are popular ingredients in Asian cuisine, where they can be used in curries, soups and sauces. It is also an increasingly popular substitute for cow's milk, used as an addition to coffee, tea and desserts. To obtain a homogeneous consistency, shake the...

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The signature product of the ICHI Japanese Rice Cake brand, made from premium Japonica rice ingredients, combined with the typical Japanese flavor (Honey Shouyu) and unique new flavors (Pizza, Bacon & Cheese), giving you a unique and harmonious culinary experience from the land of cherry blossoms. In particular, shouyu honey - ICHI's most popular...

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One One Corn Cheese Sweet Rice Cake, pack of 118g, is the most popular product of the One One family of rice cakes today. In particular, this product line is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

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Sa Giang Special Crab Chips 200g

Crab chips are a great snack. They work well at various types of parties and other special events. The amazing advantage of the chips is their performance. One package (200g) gives you about 100 large chips with a diameter of 8 cm. The product may contain allergens: crab Recipes and use: Heat the oil to a temperature of 170-190 degrees Celsius. When it is...

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Aroy-D Jackfruit In Syrup 565g

Net weight: 565 g Ingredients: jackfruit 40.7%, sugar, citric acid E330 Allergen Information: The product may contain allergens: none. Description: Jackfruit is the fruit of the loaf tree, which is one of the largest in the world (from the fruit growing on trees). The flesh is juicy and has an intense aroma. It has a mild flavor and resembles beans when...

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Water chestnuts Maling 3005g

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Pineapple slices in light syrup, Kier 565g

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Spring Home Glutinous Rice Ball (Red Bean Paste) 10pcs 200g

Rice balls red bean are soft, slippery white dough balls made from, among other things, ketan rice flour with a filling of ground red beans. In China, rice dough balls are traditionally eaten with New Year. Note: Products from the "Frozen" category: Please add 20 PLN (package up to 7 kg) or 50 PLN (package up to 30 kg) to the transport price. Pre-payment...

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Brand: Asia-Foods

Queen Pineapple Chunks in Can A10 - 3kg

Queen pineapple in chunks origin from Vietnam. Perfect for all kinds of dishes, salads and desserts. This fruit is tasty and contains many valuable vitamins. Packed in can size A1, 3kg which is suitable for all HORECA needs. Certification: PGIS * certificate for goods imported from outside the EU, admitted to trading.

Price 39.07 PLN
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