Reference: 120123

Brand: Cock Brand

Cock Brand Dried Bael Fruit 200g

Bael fruit is the sweet, aromatic fruit that grows on the bael tree, native to India and Southeast Asia. The fruit is usually eaten fresh, dried or in juice form. Proponents suggest that consuming bael fruit can help treat certain medical conditions, including digestive disorders.

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Reference: 143121

Brand: Farm House

Farm House Breadcrumbs 200g

The breading can be used for coating shrimps, fish and various types of meat. The breaded dish can be fried in a pan or fryer. The crispy breadcrumbs make the prepared dishes look attractive. The breading is 10 mm thick. Packaging: 1 kg x 6 boxes / carton Country of origin: THAILAND Brand: FARMHOUSE

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Reference: 440411

Brand: Aroy- D

Aroy-D Coconut Milk 1L

Coconut milk, from the reputable company Aroy-D, has an exceptionally creamy, thick consistency, it is naturally snow-white and has a delicate coconut flavor. Coconut milk is a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine, where it can be used in curries, soups and sauces. It is also an increasingly popular substitute for cow's milk, used as an addition to coffee,...

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Reference: 103243

Brand: Takumi Koshihikari

Takumi Koshihikari White Sushi Rice 5kg

Ingredients: 100% medium grain rice This medium-grain rice is definitely different from the one we eat every day. When properly cooked, it is properly sticky, making it perfect for sushi. Recipe and application: see recipes Storage: The product should be stored in a dry and cool place

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Reference: 103791

Brand: Royal Dancer

ROYAL DANCER Thai white jasmine rice 4,54kg

ROYAL DANCER Thai white jasmine rice - Always a new harvest from this year, it is the highest quality, extremely aromatic long-grain rice, originally from Thailand. It owes its name to the characteristic smell that is released during cooking and resembles the scent of jasmine flower. Ingredients: 100% jasmine rice Recipes: see how to cook Storage: The...

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Sen Soy Nori crisps with Teriyaki flavor 4.5grX18


Nori crisps with Teriyaki flavor – this is another creative combination of the flavors of Japanese and Korean cuisine. Beautiful design characteristic of all Sen soy products.

No palm oil, no flavor enhancers.

Ingredients: sea algae, corn oil, sesame oil, salt, Teriyaki soy sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, salt, sugar, pineapple, ginger, garlic).

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Weight: 4,5 g

Energy: 25,74 kCal/107,69 kJ

Fats: 1,98 g of which 0,18 g is saturated

Carbohydrates: 1,08 g

Including sugars: 0 g

Protein: 0,90 g

Salt: 0,13 g

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Sen Soy

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Reference: 163914

Brand: Asia-Foods

Roasted Seaweed (Laver) Yaki Sushi Nori CHOI'S 1, 125g / 50pcs

Ingredients: Dried seaweed (Porphyra) Description: Roasted Nori seaweed, pressed into squares. Dried seaweed is worth introducing to our daily diet, not only because of its unique sea flavor, but also because of its excellent nutritional properties. They are a great addition to salads, rice and soups. They are an everyday ingredient of Japanese,...

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Reference: 660881

Brand: Vinamit

Jackfruit chips Vinamit 250g

Crispy dried tropical fruits (jackfruit, banana, sweet potato, taro, pineapple (fragrant), bitter melon, carrot, pumpkin, green beans) Drying form Vacuum drying - use a vacuum to suck off all the water and prevent the oil from running back into the product. Characteristic Crunchy, low in oil, preserves flavor, color and nutritional value Storage: Storage...

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Reference: 600633

Brand: Orion

Orion Choco Pie Dark Cacao, box 30g x 12

Choco Pie Dark Cocoa cookies in a large box - 12 pieces! A great choice for the whole family, as well as a great gift idea. Choco Pie Dark Cacao by Orion are fluffy, three-layer cookies composed of a dark sponge cake covered with a smooth, chocolate coating, layered with a slightly pulling, vanilla marshmallow foam. Sweet, soft, broken with a deep cocoa...

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Reference: 772426


Glutinous Rice Ball Sesame Filling 10pcs (Spring Home) 200g

weet balls made from sticky rice flour filled with sweet black sesame paste. Boil in water for 4 minutes and serve in warm sweetend water. Note: Products from the "Frozen" category: Please add 20 PLN (package up to 7 kg) or 50 PLN (package up to 30 kg) to the transport price. Pre-payment shipment at your own risk. Product cannot be returned. We do not...

Price 10.81 PLN
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Reference: 652214

Brand: PALDO

Crab Snack Paldo 50g

Ready-to-eat crab snack. Ingredients: wheat starch, wheat flour, palm oil, crab spice (crab extract, maltodextrin, crab flavor), crab extract, dried shrimp, sugar, algae powder, salt, potassium asekulfame. - The product does not contain Sodium Glutamate The product contains allergens: wheat, crab, shrimp Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.

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Reference: 412352

Brand: MA LING

Maling Water Chestnuts Whole Peeled 567g

Net weight: 567 g Ingredients: water chestnuts, water Allergen Information: The product may contain allergens: none. Description: Water chestnuts are tubers of a freshwater plant that grows in marshy areas. A popular ingredient in Asian dishes. They can be eaten raw, cooked or grilled. Properties: The taste of chestnuts is slightly sweet and crunchy. They...

Price 11.22 PLN

Reference: 780056

Brand: Everbest

Everbest Vegetarian Hong Kong Barbeque Meat 500g

Product: 500g Country of Origin: Malaysia Packing: Sealed Pack Brand: Everbest Everbest Veg. BBQ Hong Kong Char Siew can be eaten as it is or use as a condiment for stir fry vegetables, noodle and fried rice. Frozen products purchase notice: Customers who purchase this product must bear the risk of frozen goods during transportation. Do not freeze this...

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Reference: 652414

Brand: PALDO

Paldo Roasted Seaweed Algues Roties 5gX3

ROASTED SEAWEED Roasted Seaweed High quality seaweed roasted twice to make it extra crispy and delicious. Enjoy roasted seaweed as a free time snack, make your own sushi roll with rice and vegetables and top with seaweed for great flavor

Price 8.36 PLN
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Reference: 767433

Brand: Asia-Foods

Asia Foods Sweet Potato Net Spring Roll 300g, 10pcs

Unit of Measure: PACKAGING Ingredients: Sweet Potato Protein powder Sugar Milk powder Butter Rice paper Description: Ready-made spring rolls are a popular dish of Asian cuisine. They have the form of thin pancakes made of rice paper, filled with filling, wrapped in sweet potato. They look a bit like Polish croquettes. They are served with dips and sauces...

Price 17.85 PLN

Reference: 650113

Brand: Sa Giang

Sa Giang Shrimp Chips Banh phong tom 100g

Shrimp chips are great snacks. They work well at various types of parties and other special events. The amazing advantage of the chips is their performance. One package (100g) gives you about 50 large chips with a diameter of 8 cm. Ingredients: tapioca flour, shrimp, sugar, salt, ginger, E621, E330, E500ii The product may contain allergens: shrimp Recipes...

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Reference: 603979

Brand: Orion


The signature product of the ICHI Japanese Rice Cake brand, made from premium Japonica rice ingredients, combined with the typical Japanese flavor (Honey Shouyu) and unique new flavors (Pizza, Bacon & Cheese), giving you a unique and harmonious culinary experience from the land of cherry blossoms. In particular, shouyu honey - ICHI's most popular...

Price 10.80 PLN
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Reference: 111933

Brand: Gia Bao PEI

Rice paper with white sesame 300gr - Banh da me trang Bong Hong

Rice paper with white sesame seeds 300gr - Bánh đa mè trắng Bông Hồng Importer: Asia Foods Sp. z o. o. ul. Dzwonkowa 8, 02-290 Warsaw, Poland. Product from Vietnam Ingredients: tapioca starch (85%), white sesame (15%) Allergy tips: sesame seeds Nutritional information per 100g Energy value: 364475 kcal, carbohydrates; 82 g, including sugar: 5.9 g,...

Price 8.57 PLN
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